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Einar's Birth story

I would like to share a positive birthing story if I may... Because Over the last 8 months or so I have read tons and tons of very scary and very sad birthing stories from women on Facebook, baby sites, at antenatal classes and in magazines, so much so I started to wonder why the hell I'd decided to get pregnant! It was like nobody ever told you the good bits? Like when you hold them for the first time and the way they smell! It seemed nobody had a very positive or good story to tell and it put me on such a downer. I decided to leave Facebook groups, avoid second time round mums chatting at pregnancy yoga & antenatal classes and focus on me & my ability to have a baby. My pregnancy was hard, I was exhausted, I suffered from gestational hypertension and also had bad leg pain by the end, so much so I could hardly walk!

People who would ask me about my labour plan & what I would do for pain relief would cut me down if I said I was just going to go with it, make no plan, use my breathing and zone in using Hypnobirthing. It would make me annoyed that other women could be so unsupportive and making me feel like that wasn't a possible way, when of course it could be.

But the day came, last Sunday in fact, my waters broke @ 6:30am in the bathroom, so I had some tea and toast, rang the hospital who advised me to go in and made my way over with my husband. When I got there I wasn't having a lot of pain but I was examined anyway - and to everyone's surprise I was 4cms dilated! So I decided I wanted to stay at the hospital to be safe as I suffer from anxiety. So while they transferred my notes to the labour ward myself and husband went for a breakfast. I remember hanging over the table eating my toast while having a contraction and people in the cafe looked at me like I was mad! The walk back to the labour ward was pretty long and I had to stop a few times with contractions but no back pain it was all at the front of my belly. I kept telling myself, soon my baby will be here, to keep the positive vibe going!!

Once on the labour ward, the clark showed us to our room where I asked for a fan while my husband set up our play list ready to listen too! By the time the clark got back I was on my knees saying I needed to push! So she ran for a midwife! The midwife came in with her notes as my husband gently wiped my head with cold water, reassuring me I was a strong women! At one point I screamed for a spinal, the midwife said ok I don't think you can have one now you're so far gone but shall I get the doctor? To which I replied "I don't need a spinal I'm Beyonce" hahahaha (no idea!)

Anyway I had a few more contractions and the midwife did an internal to which she said I was dilating fast, I was now nearly 8cms and I needed to get ready now!

The midwife was 30 weeks pregnant with her first baby. After I gave birth she said I was an inspiration and she felt less scared now of birth! I shouted out in the pain (because it's not painless) that I could do it, I was made for this and I love giving birth. All positive ways of getting me to the end. Active labour was roughly from 11am till little man was born at 2:13pm on the same day. Honestly it was THE most amazing experience of my life, the pain is not unbearable or unnatural, I had stitches and now I'm exhausted and feel like I've been driven over with all the aching but it was beautiful and I didn't use any drugs - not even has and air. I feel so utterly blessed to have that type of birth... but I feel my positive mind, good support and yoga breathing helped me.

For me it's important to share empowering stories about birth even more so for women who are scared or have an illness like m.e so that's why I've done it... to show that we are capable, brilliant and superheroes all rolled into one!

Ladies you can do it!

Einar is my soul.

(He was born to Michael Jackson's song - Liberian Girl)